Tuesday, January 12, 2010

entry 12 - Park Day, Fire night

Rick and I took the little ones to the park today. We had a picnic lunch, which was pretty yummy, and then the kids played for about 3 hours straight. Rick and I chit chatted, hollered at the kids a few times, and got to swing and have some laughs ourselves.
even with the kids playing full force, they still had plenty of energy when we left, that was pretty surprising. Rick got fire wood, and then the kids got back to playing at mama gino's outside on the playset.
Kaley and I started the fire, the kids still playing around the yard, later the kids veged out to the TV while the big kids had a great time by the fire! and one "special" big kid spent some time by the toilet. lol, he almost had a face - to - face with it, he luckily didn't get that far.


  1. Looks fun! I love all of the posts :) I was looking at your ticker which says it has been 4 months since we have been to disney... it made me feel all sad... LOL I remember when we were counting down the days and now it is over :( Maybe I can start planning one for 2011 or 2012. LOL

  2. yes I know, I miss it so much already! I am thinking 2011! If I win the lotto though I am going within a month hahaha!


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