Thursday, January 14, 2010

entry 14 – Houston we have a mouse!

I promised Veronica a pet mouse for her birthday. We were waiting to see what deals we could find on a new or used "home" on craigslist as of course who isnt still hurting from the holidays. We were very lucky and found a generous guy on craigslist who gave us a "home" for the mouse for free, we just needed the essentials for the inside, like bedding, food etc. We found out Paul was off so we got to go out and get the new mouse since Paul wanted to be there when she bought the new pet.We went out to target to spend the girl’s birthday gift card from pepaw Sauer. Veronica got supplies for the mouse she wanted, and Valerie got a dress up dress, and they both got new piggy banks. Of course one had to stop and go potty in the middle of the trip, but I still count my blessing for them both being potty trained.

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