Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day 5 of 365 -its so cold out

I went outside ealier today to move around some outdoor furniture for the b-day party sat. I didn't have a coat on, so I didn't last long and came back in to do more constructive things indoors. I can't believe how cold it is, and its supposed to get even colder. I hope its not too cold , or guests know how to bundle up. The girls are excited about their party, and they should be!
one thing we did all warm indoors is feed the cat some cat treats, yeah Merlin had some too. oh and Veronica turns to me and says " I want to try the cat treat, it looks good" so I tilted the bag to see what shed do, and she jamed her hand in and began munching before I knew what happened. She said immediately that "mm this tastes yummy" , and SHE is the picky eater. All I could do is laugh, and tell her shes not supposed to eat cat treats, yuck!

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