Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 - lunch w my SMO gals & family game night!

Had a meet for lunch at 2 w my SMO (surro moms online) Houtson gals. We ALWAYS have a great time! Olive Garden was the pick and it was soooo yummy!!
the lighting for the pic was bad, but it was a good time no matter.Stacey (SMO friend) brought the girls gifts that she could come to their party. their XL gift bags were FULL of goodies, and they loved them all. here they are with the mermaid dress up bottom and cute heart leotard for the top. Veronica playing "real" mermaid, lol.Family game night, we play alot of games and this was just one of the games on one of the many nights that we played them.
Corey and Rick jumped up at one point yelling "Infinity Squad!!!" showing their tattoos, lmao! we all just have an awesome amazing time no matter what we are doing, as long as its together!Candace and ChrisPaul and I gaming.

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