Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - Party, Chierighino Christmas, & Tattoos

the girls had a great party, not as many showed up because of the cold, but they didn't notice and still had a blast! The cake pops were a hit with everyone, the pizza was yummy, almost not enough, I would have liked left overs, but cant win every time.
oh my voice was MIA today, I had to whisper the whole party, not much fun. It was very difficult to communicate at all.
We had the Chierighino Christmas, hmm where are some pics??
the A E squad got ready headed out for Pain of Love Tattoo shop, 4 of us were starting a off shoot crew, the Infinity Squad!
"AE squad" 7 members strong

the exclusive "Infinity Squad" 4 members strong

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