Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing dress up

I put away Veronica and Valerie's costumes in their closet after Halloween 08. I guess Valerie must have seen the box, or remembered I put it up there because she asked to wear her "widard of od, dress up" today. The box has pieces for 3 characters, Glenda the good witch, Dorothy, and the wicked witch. For Halloween Val was the wicked witch, and Veronica was Dorothy. They decided to switch it up a bit today. I got pics of them in only one of the ones they played in.
I LOVE the way they are looking in this pic, lol!!!

you're going to JAIL!

I wonder where they got the idea of this game!
The girls used a wrap from around a roll of my yarn as handcuffs, and then the space between the fish tank and bookshelf was the make shift "jail cell" with the baby gate in the front.
Veronica says "your going to jail, get in there and don't get out." ... imagination!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not BABIES anymore?!?!

I can't believe how fast they are growing. they are definitely not babies anymore. They do like to get silly and act like babies sometimes though. They are too funny! they got these fake pacifiers from their baby dolls, and came running in to me "mommy we are babies, wah wah" lol!
summer 2009

Back in summer 08summer 2008

summer 2007
Heres a look back when they were babies, exactly 3 years ago today!! July 19th 2006. Valerie on left 6 1/2 mo old, Veronica on right 1yr 7 1/2mo April of 2006

Summer 2005 - Veronica

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another garage sale =s closer to our Disney Vacation

So my friend Nena and I had another garage sale with our unwanted stuff, and our couponing items. I am using the majority of my profits to put towards our 1st trip as a family to Disney World in September (not my first trip, but a first for Paul and the girls!!!). Yes we make enough money at these garage sales to make a little dent in a vacation trip. Our couponing items are the majority of our profits, though we do have other items we sell. We also split up our items by the way we price them, our price tags are always different in some way.
If you want to save some money I suggest you start hard core couponing, or just let us do it for you and shop at our garage sales for huge savings!!
We officially open at 7am, but we had people showing up and shopping at 6:20am, and we checked them out at 6:45am, which is way early, and we couldn't believe how busy we were that early. I tried to take pictures, esp before pictures but it was hard because there was people in the way pretty much the whole time.
heres the view from down the driveway, thats Nena messing with some tape. Note the plastic baskets, we wernt selling those, we bought them for the people to use as shopping baskets, they worked GREAT!
The innards of the sale, we still had extras under the table to set out when we sold down a littleMore innerds, more overstock under table, excuse the garage mess, lol.and I nominated Nena as cashier for this sale, checking out a customer with a huge purchase!
Also thanks to my mom and mother in law, for letting me borrow your folding tables!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chick-fil-a Friday :)

So we all dressed up as cows today for the cow appreciation day, and got our free meals!! we had a great time while here and the food was yummy like always. Nena, Peyton, Parker, and Dave showed up and got their free food too, Dave only a sandwich because he wouldnt do spots all over, but he got to share fries and drink with Nena (Parker and Peyton in picture)
All was well until the very end, when an incident happened in the play area, Valerie was rough housing with Peyton, and Peyton ended up falling and hurting her arm (we are waiting to hear how bad since she fell aways down, and she was taken downtown in an ambulance, they think it is broken and needs surgery!! :( ). The girls feel so bad for their best friend. Get Well Soon Peyton.
I didnt get a pic of myself when we were there, but I took one on a timer the night before.
I also added ears when we went, and painted my nails and toe nails cow print, and the girl's nail cow print as well, which I didnt get a pic of. Being 8 mo preggers painting my nails was no easy task lol.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sewing at the Vadon house

There is Cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a, dress up like a cow and get a free meal!! I don't really have much to work with for the girls costume, so I decided to make them a dress that looked like a cow. I did not anticipate how much work it would take to make even the "simplest" of cow/dress costumes! Here is my almost final work on one of the dresses. I believe the only thing left to do to it, is hem the bottom. I only used items I already had around the house!!... FRONT - the 2 larger spot are actually pockets!BACK/TAILthis is the second dress, topped off with ears that I made. I tried to get them to look more "cow-ish" and stick out, because if they lay down they look like dog ears, lol.
I will probably try and find something to paint their noses with too :) when Friday gets here
and the back of course, TAIL, lol

I also started this dress up dress awhile back after giving up on making a "pettiskirt", I had this material, so I started cutting and sewing. I started it maybe 5 months ago!! and there are sooo many pieces and steps I just folded it up and put it away because I was tired of working on it. I have since started working on it about a week ago, and have almost finished it. again I think all I have left is the hemming on the bottom, and the sleeves, optional bunching... FRONTand BACK used Velcro so simplicity, and adjustable so both girls can wear it.