Monday, May 28, 2012

We have some BIG news!! 3 things

3 things to announce!! 2 of them are the 2 feet we will be adding to our house around the end of December/beginning of January!!
No, we are not remodeling!! We're expecting baby #4!!

here he/she is, so tiny at 6 weeks 3 day we even got to see a heartbeat!

The 3rd big change is that we are also are going to school at home! Valerie will be doing first grade curriculum and Veronica 2nd grade. I am still in the research phase and searching out the perfect curriculum. I have some great reference materials to read, and some great homeschooling friends who have shared their experiences and referrals to some great programs. It will be crazy at first getting used to all the changes, but with the loving support of family and friends we can accomplish anything. So excited to share all this news!

The Vadons