Saturday, October 24, 2009

Veronica's 1st black eye

so it seems my older daughter has all the luck with injuries.. if you can see in the pic she has her 1st black eye! also in the pic her right (pic left) eyebrow has a huge scar thanks to another incident earlier in her life. She has also (in the past) had her pinkie nail pulled 95% off when she got it slammed in a door, it did eventually fall all the way off, then grew back normally, but sheesh this girl gets it bad, and often when it comes to injuries, esp compared to Valerie.Veronica got the black eye while attending her friend Nicole's b-day party. From what I heard, Veronica got too close while one adult was pushing another little girl on a swing, one of the teeter totter type, and bam, face injury. she ran to me crying of course, and I had no idea it was that bad cause she wouldn't show me her face at first, it was buried in my chest! she finally showed me and told me what happened. I guess you can only tell a child something so many times before they have to learn it the hard way. I had been telling both girls to stay away from the swings if there were children swinging on them. aw poor baby! here is the party we went to, taken before the black eye incident!

Friday, October 16, 2009

playin in the playhouse

(editing the date of the post to reflect date of the events)
My mom brought Kaley, Ryan, and Corey over to my house for dinner. I made YUMMY burgers for everyone. I had these cheeses from border, smoked applewood bacon, and tomato basil cheese, both were a hit, I mostly liked the applewood bacon!
I love being with my family. Seems there is always someone missing at every get together though. I miss my older brother so much since he lives in Washington state to be with his twin boys. I miss my sister sometimes cause she is an hour away. I can't wait for christmas when we should ALL be together!!!!!!
here is mama Gino playing with the girls in their playhouse. They loved this!! they brought out play food and plates to make their own dining was pretty dark out, so they used daddy's flashlight for lighting.