Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break and Fun Things With the Kids

The girls got Our Generation 18" Dolls for Christmas. They are similar to the $105 American Girl brand dolls, except a lot cheaper, lol.
The girls like them a lot, and I have made them a bunch of things for their dolls, and they have helped me too! The accessories at the AG store are very pricey and we have got away with making things ourselves, or buying them elsewhere for much cheaper. They are saving their money to get a real AG doll from the store they are building here in Houston, it is set to open late summer. It is a good goal for them and it is helping teach them about money.

We spent a lot of time on spring break making clothes for their dolls. Veronica even made a small quilt last week, she sewed the top by herself, pictured below, the red and zebra print one.
Follow my board on Pinterest which can be found HERE, there are more links and other doll related pics etc.

I walked into Veronica's room and this is how "Sally" looked. Messy hair, messy bed, pizza, marshmallow on a stick and cookie (made from hand shaped white polymer clay, baked then painted) in her lap, lol! - I made the shelf into a clothing rack via blog post found HERE, and twisted some unused wire we had laying around into doll hangers. There is a plan on Ana White for a doll clothing wardrobe closet HERE which I plan to make in the future, but this one will do for now.
This is after a little fixing from mom. Note the mailbox also made by me, only cost a $1 in the Dollar isle at Target during Valentines, and scrap left over from when I made the beds. I made their doll beds, it only cost $11 for each one I made. You can find the plans HERE and you can make a more narrow "twin" size bed by omitting one "slat" and shortening the boards that are horizontal on the head and foot board. We followed the plans for a more "full size" bed look.
Check out some close ups of the clothing we made during spring break, this is (Veronica's) "Sally's" clothes. Knee high socks into doll tights/leggings (and a pair of socks too), Veronica cut and tried to sew the red top, I had to fix it up a little, and I made the blue matching top and pant set, looks comfy for sleep, huh! I used this free pattern download HERE for the blue shirt, no pattern for the pants, and used this HERE for the doll tights

Here is ms Valerie's doll, just relaxing, and her doll hanging shelf

I only had to sit her doll up to "fix it up" lol
Clothes made for Valerie's doll. (I also made the dress the doll has on in the pic above using the free pattern HERE ) Pink drawstring dress using the free pattern and tutorial HERE, and the flower short and shirt set using the blog post and free patterns HERE
pictures from when I first made the beds, and you can see the quilt, pillows and throw pillows etc I made for the beds.

The girls posing with their dolls
would love to share pics of the sock bunnies we made, and sock monkey we will be making. Check back for more pics later!

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Disney '09 Photo Book

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