Monday, June 7, 2010

My Kitty Chaos Loves Me

Pretty much every night Chaos has been bringing in at least one lizard that she has caught. She comes through the dog door, and I hear her with her very distinct open mouth "meow" because she is bringing the still living lizard, in her mouth! She is telling me "look what I caught for you"
Tonight, I hear her "meow" her lizard meow, (I had been wondering when she'd bring one in today) and sitting here at the computer I say "kitty, what did you bring me tonight, come here kitty" she brought the lizard to me all the way to the computer desk, I put my hand down, and she came and dropped it in my hand!!!!! talk about crazy kitty! I have been telling her "thank you" "good kitty" because I know its her way of showing me she loves me... I just end up taking them outside.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cloth diapers - Disposable diapers

I am a big supporter of cloth diapers and the cloth diaper community. I was getting excited about cloth diapering #3 who is due Dec 7th. I have bought a few cloth diapers here and there, and they are so cute, and easy to use! I have bought some pink and some blue, a little of this and a little of that. Check out my stash so far.BUT for someone who plans to cloth diaper, I sure do have a boat load of disposable diapers! I have been collecting these for over a year now, and wow it sure has grown. I bought all of these while couponing, and got some of these for as little as $0.75/pk up to about $5 a pk. I only bought them when they were on clearance, I had high value coupons, and were huge savings compared to a brand new pack. I pulled all of the diapers I had and wanted to sort them again, and add in some new deals I had gotten. The girls were excited and at first just jumped right in to the pile!We then tried to build a diaper wall, and of course it got too tall and collapsed, but I got a pic before it went down. Veronica in the back trying to help.after the wall fell, I just started to build a "diaper brick road" lol.
yes I have all these, but I think all us moms know that you can't have too many diapers, lol!