Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing dress up

I put away Veronica and Valerie's costumes in their closet after Halloween 08. I guess Valerie must have seen the box, or remembered I put it up there because she asked to wear her "widard of od, dress up" today. The box has pieces for 3 characters, Glenda the good witch, Dorothy, and the wicked witch. For Halloween Val was the wicked witch, and Veronica was Dorothy. They decided to switch it up a bit today. I got pics of them in only one of the ones they played in.
I LOVE the way they are looking in this pic, lol!!!

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  1. Too cute! I haven't been checking out blogs in a bit, I want to give mine a facelift and possibly a new name... but I don't know what. I have some posts I need to do.


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