Friday, July 10, 2009

Chick-fil-a Friday :)

So we all dressed up as cows today for the cow appreciation day, and got our free meals!! we had a great time while here and the food was yummy like always. Nena, Peyton, Parker, and Dave showed up and got their free food too, Dave only a sandwich because he wouldnt do spots all over, but he got to share fries and drink with Nena (Parker and Peyton in picture)
All was well until the very end, when an incident happened in the play area, Valerie was rough housing with Peyton, and Peyton ended up falling and hurting her arm (we are waiting to hear how bad since she fell aways down, and she was taken downtown in an ambulance, they think it is broken and needs surgery!! :( ). The girls feel so bad for their best friend. Get Well Soon Peyton.
I didnt get a pic of myself when we were there, but I took one on a timer the night before.
I also added ears when we went, and painted my nails and toe nails cow print, and the girl's nail cow print as well, which I didnt get a pic of. Being 8 mo preggers painting my nails was no easy task lol.

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