Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another garage sale =s closer to our Disney Vacation

So my friend Nena and I had another garage sale with our unwanted stuff, and our couponing items. I am using the majority of my profits to put towards our 1st trip as a family to Disney World in September (not my first trip, but a first for Paul and the girls!!!). Yes we make enough money at these garage sales to make a little dent in a vacation trip. Our couponing items are the majority of our profits, though we do have other items we sell. We also split up our items by the way we price them, our price tags are always different in some way.
If you want to save some money I suggest you start hard core couponing, or just let us do it for you and shop at our garage sales for huge savings!!
We officially open at 7am, but we had people showing up and shopping at 6:20am, and we checked them out at 6:45am, which is way early, and we couldn't believe how busy we were that early. I tried to take pictures, esp before pictures but it was hard because there was people in the way pretty much the whole time.
heres the view from down the driveway, thats Nena messing with some tape. Note the plastic baskets, we wernt selling those, we bought them for the people to use as shopping baskets, they worked GREAT!
The innards of the sale, we still had extras under the table to set out when we sold down a littleMore innerds, more overstock under table, excuse the garage mess, lol.and I nominated Nena as cashier for this sale, checking out a customer with a huge purchase!
Also thanks to my mom and mother in law, for letting me borrow your folding tables!

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