Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 Annual Beach Trip

We had a GREAT time at Surfside beach this year. The water was AMAZING, and pretty clear for Texas beaches. The same ol crew was ready for this vacation, and I have to say it was one of the best so far, besides the sickness some had of course..


  1. Visting from our Dec. ddc on diaperswappers. We went to Surfside beach July 13-19th! The jellyfish were so much worse this year than last :( Crazy. Not to mention the insane mosquitos. BUT we still had a blast. We stayed in the same house for the 2nd year. I'm thinking we'll change things up a bit for next summer's vacation though.

  2. oh how cool, see you on DS then!!
    the jellyfish were bad last year, but luckily this year, I did not see even one!!!! can you believe that, and the sea weed was gone, except the very last day, the sea weed began to come in, but a full week of pure water heaven, it was NICE.. wish every year could be like that.
    the mosquitoes were nasty though, but we had good bug spray.. those thing can be killer!


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