Saturday, May 22, 2010

What the Heck?! I though Merlin Had passed

I fell alseep with the TV on, and it woke me up at about 4am. I think I was dreaming right before I woke up, but when I woke up I sat up and looked over at Merlin who was beside me. I watched him for a second and didn't see him take a breath. I reached over real quick and put my hand on his neck and it was cold. I then pressed down a little with my hand and he felt stiff. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to Paul, who was in the garage watching movies (he keeps his night job schedule on nights off), I told him to come here quick, and I started bawling tell him, its Merlin, hes dead. He said are you f*ing with me, and saw I was not kidding, so he ran into the room. I just kept thinking all these thoughts, how he had been sick a couple days ago, and I thought a cob of corn was stuck in his stomach, but that I thought he had felt better, and that he passed in his sleep from it, I also thought about how lonely it would be without him, and just sobbing, and sobbing still standing in the garage. About 20 seconds later I hear Paul run back saying Amanda, Amanda, hes fine, hes fine. I asked him, how he knew, and he said he was just sleeping really deep, and he shook him and he woke up, and he told me to come look, I said I don't know, cause I couldn't believe it, but I followed him back into our room where Merlin was looking around all tired, but very much alive. I still cried a little more, but then Paul started to laugh at me, and I giggled a bit for not shaking him harder. Oh Paul laughed hard, but I could only giggle about it, because I know someday that feeling will be real and one day he will be gone.... but not today thank god!!!!

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