Monday, May 3, 2010

New room!

In prep for #3, I decided to move the girl's into their "playroom" and have ALL of their things in one room. I got them bunk beds as to make room for their Ikea Expedit shelves, which holds and organizes their toys. I love this thing for their toys, it keeps all the like items together and makes specific toys easier to find.
I am keeping the separate twin frames when they grow out of their toys we can move or get rid of the ikea shelves and they can have their own beds again.
I have not started working on the other room, it just has the twin bed, a shelve and a dresser in it for now. I will work on it as I get further along, and figure out what this lil one is, and what decor we want. We will also be looking for an inexpensive crib in the meantime, hope to find a decent dark wood one, and a mattress.
here are some pics

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