Monday, April 26, 2010

Were expecting !! this time its OURS!

We are mostly over the initial shock of this surprise, every day becoming more and more excited about out family growing by one more. we found out a little before April that we were expecting our 3rd.
I decided to announce it April 1st since it was April fools day and we had just known a couple of days. Some did not belive me, but alot came around to know the truth.
My due date is December 7th 2010, and am hoping this pregnancy and delivery to be a little different than the OB and hospital deliveries of the previous 4 babies. I plan to see a local midwife for the entire pregnancy, and then deliver at home with a midwife, naturally. I am truely excited about this decision.
We haven't picked a team, but I seem to be split down the middle and would be equally happy with either a boy or a girl, whereas when pregnant with the girls I definitely wanted girls both times. I hope to take one of the novel at home gender tests, you take with urine. lol keep an eye out for that, you have to wait until at least 10 weeks pregnant.

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