Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vitiligo - found some spots on Valerie

While giving Valerie a bath awhile back I noticed a white spot on her back. I didn't think of it really at first, then it dawned on me that it was a spot from Vitiligo. This skin condition runs in my family, and while myself have no spots, no Vitiligo, my mom does. I am not sure about my siblings, maybe my mom can chime in on if they have it or not, but I don't think they do.
I don't know if you can see all of the spots in this picture, you may have to click it, but there are 3 spots, which at first I only noticed 1, the larger, then a second afterwards, and then I noticed even a 3rd after I loaded this pic to the computer just now! They are on the back of her left shoulder.
No big deal, just thought I'd share this interesting new fact about my Val-val... gosh those "V" words..


  1. There are worse things. I lived with highly visible spots on my body my whole life. I don't recall being too concerned. At times I wished they weren't there but I didn't stress over it. I was pretty and skinny back then, so WTF? Haha MoM

  2. Interesting.. I haven't ever heard of that!


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