Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chuck e Cheese day

We went to Chuck E cheese today for a couple of hours, and we brought along Nicole my niece whos birthday is on Friday, she is turning 11!
they started out on the horse ride, they really had no idea what they were doing. lolValerie after slidingI let the girls have their own cup of coins, and Veronica picked to ride with "Bob the Builder".This ride takes a picture while you drive, "with" Chuck E Cheese. ValerieNiki and Veronica.. don't you just love that "smile"??
Riding in the monster truck. this one was funny to watch!!
this one goes up and down when you pedal. Valerie couldn't reach the petals, so Nik had to spin them for her, so she could go up.The girls playing in the playland. This is the only pic I could get of them, they were practically running through this thing. Veronica did come down at one point and say her knees hurt, I told her it was from crawling on her knees, she said "oh" and went back to play again.
This was our "grand finale" before we got prizes and left. I had to bribe everyone with gum!!

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  1. I love it when you update your page. Corey said the same thing. I click on the link at least once a day. I wish Ricky could see it too. If he had a laptop and could get online then he could do the same thing and I wouldn't feel so left out of their lives. I haven't heard from you. I guess you are busy, me too! I love you very much. I am off tomorrow! MoM


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