Friday, June 26, 2009

SurfSide 2009 - annual beach house stay

We have been having approx a week long stay at a beach house with the "Chierighino" side of the family, for a few years now. Here are some highlights of our 2009 trip to Surf Side TX (June 5 - 12th) since the beach house we stayed at in Bolivar TX had been practically annihilated. Also a link to the whole HUGE photo album.
Veronica got stung by a jelly fish on our first day in the water! The jelly fish were BAD that day!We colored on butcher paper taped to the picnic table on the patio, we had a couple of layers going! (Conald papa gino, Quentin, Julian, Valerie, Mom Karen mama gino
We played with water balloons (Valerie, Veronica, Quentin, Julian)
We played all kinds of games this one being Texas Holdem, and everyone seems to be "picking something, lol. way to pose family! (Corey, Kelly, Paul, Rick, Meghan, Conald, Mom Karen, Candace)
We played in the beach water (Veronica, Rick, Julian, Valerie, Quentin, Conald aka Papa Gino)And the Grand Finales!! every family within the Chierighino family, had matching shirts!
top - Rick and Corey
on bench - Candace, Conald, Amanda w/ Valerie, Karen w/ Veronica, Paul, Megan, Quentin, Ryan and Julian
Kaley on the bottomand us being silly!!

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