Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello - intro

well since it is so easy to have all my blogs in one place, I decided to convert the website version of my girls updates, into a blog version of our whole family(also friends and extended family). I think the setup is alot easier to update and keep current, and also easier for family and friends to follow this blog and get the updates.
I have taken a break from my main blog that I started on blogger, and this one will probably start out slow. I have pictures all over the place, and need to figure out where to start, and to get the pictures online for you to view.
lets start out with a pic of everyone in our immediate family - these pics taken during the first part of June 2009, during the annual "Chierighino" family beach house vacation.
Valerie, Me (mom/Amanda), Veronica, and Paul.... and of course in the next pic the BEST dog in the whole world, our wonderful Boxer, Merlin!! who is turning 8 this Sept of 09

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  1. YAY! I love it! I love the background on this! I need to give my monkey blog a facelift :)


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