Monday, August 24, 2009

Goofing around

We were goofing around the other day, see what we were up to. :)
Veronica and Valerie were pretending like the had babies in their bellies, lol. Veronica took her "baby" out and was holding it. I have one of those yoga balls and the girls can't stay off of it no matter what! you can't see it, but Veronica is sitting on it!Here Daddy was playing monster and attacked Veronica while on the ball. They are so funny.
It was Veronica's Idea for me to take this pic. She was saying how strong she was.
And then Valerie had to get in on the action, she could barely hold it up and it fell 3 times before we got his pic. You can see Veronica running up with her hands up to catch it, hehehe.

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